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Setting Up a Textile Business: A Success Story

22 years ago, when Joseph Rotich resigned as an Information Technology manager, who would have thought that he would one day own a multi-million jacquard pattern fabric wholesale company in Eldoret, Kenya. "Square Deals Uniforms Limited", the company that has grown over the years to such a level that it can now compete with the top entrepreneurs of the region, is estimated to be worth Sh30 million.

Leader's vision is one of the most essential qualities that could be attributed for a success in business and entrepreneurship. If there is a sentence that could sum up Rotich's vision, it is this one of his quotes:

"We have to monitor each other and change the quality of the product to suit customers' needs otherwise you will be left behind if you don't adapt in business."
When an entrepreneur starts talking about setting up a business, the first question he is asked, is: "Where did you get the inspiration to start this business?" Let's read further and learn the answer to "what was the inspiration behind Rotich's endeavor?"
Following back the chain of events that led to the formation of the leading industry--known for its designs and supplies of finished uniforms to schools, factories and hospitals as per the order--to the dream that began in 1970s, Rotich got the idea of textile industry from his father who was running a flourishing tailoring business those days.

While reading about his success for the first time, at this point I was wondering why things aren't adding up? How could a man with the dream to start a textile industry, suddenly change his mind and move on to pursue a career in IT. Rotich puts it this way: "Though I had yearned for tailoring, I decided to take up an IT course but in my mind I knew I would come and start a textile industry."

In 1981, he got employed at Revatex as an IT manager, after serving the company for five years, he started his own boutique. With a will to strengthen her husband's small business, his wife, who was a textile tailoring lecturer at a university, resigned from her job and joined him soon after. Rotich explains it as: "Since she was an expert in tailoring, she considered strengthening the business and she had to resign to assist me. The pay for lecturers by that time was also little."

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